4 Hours Sailboat toursfrom Barcelona

  • April 26, 2013
Rent a Sail boat with skipper in Barcelona for 4 hours

Rent a sailboat with skipper during 4 hours in Barcelona

Yesterday, we were with three Australian couples. They were lifelong friends who decided to spend a few days in Europe. They are from Sydney and for them the sea is very important. They needed to be able to enjoy some of their favorite element; the water.
They do not liked the idea of the beach, they prefer our offer to rent a sailboat with skipper for a few hours, they did not hesitate for a second. Was 4 short hours of fun and relaxation. Women were speaking and her husbands were on the wheel having fun. I must say that although they were not expert on sailboats they spend a great time.
Nautical culture in Australia is very important, they are respectful of the sea and its surroundings, and they show it. Was not a spectacular day, but as we discused, sometimes a heavy suny day is not the best.
A really spectacular and funy morning, we finished all happy and that is appreciated.